My fascination with psychology began as a child, growing up in the family-owned bar. Watching my father defuse all manner of problems, I knew that I had found my calling. (You might be surprised how clinically savvy a bar owner must be.)

I worked my way through the University of Colorado at Denver with jobs ranging from security guard to loading dock worker, and earned B.A. degrees in Psychology and Communication. With my psychology undergraduate degree in hand, I worked in detox facilities and a home to troubled teens.

Having grown up and worked in colorful environments, I took a special interest in verbal de-escalation skills. Prior to graduate school, I offered  violence-prevention training to companies and government organizations, and as part of my doctoral program I designed a violence prevention curriculum for a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation center. Violence prevention remains a passion of mine, and I am proud to be cofounder of a group that offers martial arts and community safety training to adults and adolescents with developmental disabilities.

Lakewood and Commerce City Colorado

The family bar, long before the family owned it. I would love to have one of those cars!

In 2006 I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Denver. There, I enjoyed the supervision of top-notch clinical trainers. I was also lucky enough to train at the Colorado Department of Corrections, the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and the International Commission for Missing Persons in Bosnia, among others.

My clinical training has included the treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and traumatic brain injury. Early in my clinical training, I took a special interest in treating anxiety disorders and depression using some of the latest, empirically-supported treatments. I have been in private practice since 2006.

therapist near lakewood colorado

Hachi the wonder dog on South Table Mesa in Golden.

I live in Lakewood with my family and a relatively well-behaved dog named Hachi, who occasionally helps out with my blog at (You can read about Hachi here and here).

Please contact me at any time if you would like to discuss moving your life in a different direction.

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