Shawn’s Books

Somehow, I have ended up writing a few books. I try to make them entertaining, well-researched, and practical. (But I’m not making any promises.) Be sure to check out my blog, too.

users-guide-to-the-human-mind Here’s my bias about human minds: even when they seem to be working against us, they are almost always trying to help. The User’s Guide to the Human Mind is about living with the mind when the mind is driving us crazy. Rather than fighting against it, it is possible to notice what the mind is doing, appreciate the beauty of it (or at least appreciate the survival value of it), and live as we wish. Available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 2011.
Woman'sGdHowMenThinkCF.indd The Women’s Guide to How Men Think offers a practical, humorous, yet compassionate guide for women who want to learn about the elusive male mind. It discusses why men think and see the world the way they do, and how to work with men to cultivate understanding and communication in relationships. This isn’t a book about how men should be more like women, but a book about how men actually are, and how women can use this understanding to get what they desire from their relationships. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobel. 2014.
Surviving Aggressive People: Practical Violence Prevention Skills for the Workplace and the Street An reviewer described Surviving Aggressive People this way: “It is a brilliant tool book to avoiding and dealing with conflict. It lays out ground rules of how to act and react to conflict. It also gives an idea of what type of people start conflicts and why they do. Personally I found the book to be very interesting because Smith uses real life scenarios that anyone can relate to.” Surviving Aggressive People is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, though it is getting a bit scarce.Sentient Publications, 2003.

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